Single and double sliding windows – white PVC


Customers love them for their :

  • Versatility thanks to numerous available options. They blend in with all styles of homes: classic, contemporary or country.
  • Ease of use thanks to their tandem roller assembly integrated into the sash. They feature a tilt latch system for easy cleaning.
  • Opening system which is perfect for small spaces and provides excellent ventilation.

Standard characteristics


Extruded PVC

Extruded from virgin PVC resin powder, the unique and durable composition of Vaillancourt PVC gives the product a glossy finish that repels dirt.

Lock and latch

The locking system combined with a recessed tilt latch system allows you to easily tilt the panels out using the buttons on the edges of the panes, to clean your windows easily from the inside.

Ouverture à l'horizontal

Horizontal opening

The single sliding window includes a fixed section on one side and a moveable pane on the other side, while the double sliding window includes two moveable panes.
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Roller system

A smooth glide is ensured by a simple and effective nylon tandem roller system integrated into the bottoms of the moveable panes. Unlike other windows, the limited number of parts makes it more affordable, and limits the risk of long-term breakage without compromising on quality or durability.



Easy to install and clean. Robust, water-tight fibreglass construction with an enamelled aluminium frame.


Triple Weather-Stripping

Our hung and sliding windows consist of three brush pile strips, in grey to prevent discolouration and positioned on the sash for a perfect seal.


The Warranties

By choosing one of The Home Zone window  products, you are assured the best warranties in the industry.

Haut rendement écoénergétique

High energy efficiency

Windows exceed the performance tests established by these associations:
Energystar  NFRC



More than 30 standard colors

Offered in an infinite selection of durable paint colors!



Selection tool

We help you make the right choice! See for yourself, this window.

Technical Data

Available options



If amongst our 30 standard colors you still cannot find the one color that suits your needs the best, bring us a sample of the color of your choice and we’ll find it for you! Vaillancourt offers an unlimited choice of colors to suit all tastes.

Energy-efficient glass (double or triple glazing)

A microscopically thin metal coating is applied to each pane of energy-efficient glass. In addition, argon is added between the panes to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In addition to preventing condensation, energy-efficient glass provides unparalleled performance and substantial savings.

Summer energy-efficient glassWinter energy-efficient glass

Styles of grilles and crossbars

Give your home a unique look by adding grilles between the two panes of glass, or by adding crossbars to your windows.

Carrelage  Carrelage  Carrelage  Carrelage
Carrelage  Carrelage  Carrelage  Carrelage

2-in. crossbars glued to the interior and exterior surfaces will give your home added cachet.


Configurations of single hung (red arrows) and double hung (blue arrows) windows



Integrated grilles

Add grilles between the two panes, available in all colours.

Carrelage intégré  Carrelage intégré  Carrelage intégré   Carrelage intégré


Carrelage intégré  Carrelage intégré  Carrelage intégré   Carrelage intégré

Carrelage intégré  Carrelage intégré


Exterior moldings

Exterior moldings add a unique touch to your home while providing increased insulation.

Insert moldings for assembled windows with transoms and/or architectural windows. (measured in inches)

Moulure extérieur  Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings
Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings


Integrated mouldings with 5 5/8-in. frame for non-assembled windows (measurements in inches)

Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings  Exterior mouldings



Stainless steel hardware

Quincaillerie en acier inoxydable


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